Premium Quality Electronic Cigarettes and Cigars

Looking to stop smoking tobacco but keep the feel and enjoyment of smoking? If so we have a fantastic range of products to help you do just that.

Cartridge Style Electronic Cigarettes that look and feel like tobacco cigarettes. Available in 6 great flavours.

Electronic Cigars in both full size Corona style and coming shortly a disposable mini corona size.

Refillable E-Cigarettes - the Max Vapour and Max Vapour Slim with 11 flavours of E-Liquid (also known as e-shisha or eGo style electronic cigarettes)

Our premium quality electronic cigarettes and electronic cigars allow you to enjoy nicotine and keep the feel and sensation of smoking whilst avoiding the tar, carbon monoxide and carcinogens present in tobacco products.

Finally, don't forget to enter our free monthly draw to win a complete starter kit of your choice.


Electronic Cigarette Refill Cartridges

Our refill cartridges are available in 6 fantastic flavours in medium or high nicotine strength. Cartridges are available in packs of 5 with each cartridge being equivalent to around 12 regular cigarettes. To see how we work this out click here

Dark Tobacco

Our favourite flavour. A rich and full tobacco taste with tantalising notes of mocha and chocolate

Luxury Tobacco

A refined and traditional tobacco flavour, great for smokers who prefer brands like Dunhill

Golden Tobacco

A blend of virgina and oriental tobacco flavours, perfect for smokers who prefer the taste of hand rolled cigarettes 


A refreshing blend of peppermint and other mint flavours, definetly one for the summer


Sweet and fruity. Our strawberry cartridges are perfect for the smoker with a sweet tooth 


Luxuriously rich and sweet, an excellent flavour that tastes just like vanilla ice cream. 

E-Cigar Refill Cartridges

The most economical and pleasant way to enjoy the taste of top quality cigars without any nasty odour or second hand smoke. Each refill cartridge will last for over 1000 puffs or the equivalent of 10 regular cigars.

Cuban Cigar

Experience the deep and complex flavour of Cuban Havana cigars, these are something for the real connoisseur

Fine Cigar

Perfect for those special occasions, a satisfyingly mellow flavour comparable to Davidoff cigars

Golden Cigar

Harnessing the spicy and woody flavours of oriental tobaccos, a full bodied and robust flavour


Each month one lucky winner will recieve a FREE starter kit of their choice. (click here for details)

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What our customers are saying

"Got a B&M starter kit almost two months ago and have been cigarette-free for over 6 weeks now. Feeling much better and even things like the taste of food is better. I have saved lots of money too. Great product and thanks to B&M I can now proudly say I am completely of tobacco."

"Started of on E-Lites but after trying B&M I was much more impressed, flavours are much better and B&M ecigs give out much more vapour so it feels more like smoking a real cigarette. Also B&M are much better value for money and look cool too"

"Fantastic product, great price and amazing quality. If you want a small device that produces loads of vapour then B&M are the brand for you. Would not switch back to any other brand after using these."

"Love the B&M E-Cigar. It tastes great and it doesn’t make you stink of stale tobacco after using it… much to the satisfaction of my non-smoking wife! Highly recommended."

"B&M taste great and their starter kit comes with a really cool charging case which lets you charge the batteries without even needing to plug it in!"

"Got the Starter kit this morning, been pufng on the Dark Tobacco since and I love it. The quality in the kit as a whole is amazing."

"I smoked 20 a day for 30 years, and 1 month on from taking the plunge with B&M, I haven't touched a "fag" since."

"Love my B&M e-cig!! It tastes better than cigarettes and there is no bad smell like with real cigarettes, I can smoke it anywhere and have been tobacco free for two weeks now. Thanks B&M!"

"Love the B&M E-Cigar. It tastes great and it doesn’t make you stink of stale tobacco after using it… much to the satisfaction of my non-smoking wife! Highly recommended."

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E-Cigarette Starter kit

Never run out of power with our Portable Charging Case and experience 5 of our best flavours. The ultimate electronic cigarette starter kit


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E-Cigar Starter kit

Our Electronic Cigar is bound to be a conversation starter at parties or events. It is fully rechargeable and includes 3 great flavours. Each cartridge lasts for around 1000 puffs or the equivalent of 10 regular cigars


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For car chargers, spare batteries, PCC’s and more. Our selection of coloured battery tips make for great use in clubs and pubs.

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