Best E Cigarette Brand

Best E Cigarette Brand - The Ultimate Buying Guide

The best e cigarette brand is a healthier and more economical alternative to standard brands, and here is the ultimate buying guide on how to purchase an e cigarette in the market. But so as to have the ability to switch from tobacco to an electronic cigarette, you must ensure you're purchasing the top e-cigarette brand in the marketplace, with good quality products which resemble a standard smoking experience. B&M Electronic Cigarettes take pride in creating and offering you high quality tobacco cigar replicates. Because the cigarettes are similar to tobacco in size, feel and flavour, the only real difference you'll notice is on your pocket, as you save more cash you'd normally spend on tobacco, and as well as on your health, as the body is clearing out the toxins. If you'd like to stop smoking or decrease the health dangers from tobacco, the best UK electronic cigarettes are the suitable alternative.

Why Is The Electronic Cigarette Much Safer If It Still Has Nicotine?

An electronic cigarette includes nicotine, which helps in replicating the tobacco smoking sensation. But a standard tobacco smoke contains more than 4,000 cancer-causing substances, including carbon monoxide, tar and arsenic. Independent studies found electronic cigarettes to be 99% safer that tobacco, as it only contains the nicotine, with no other dangerous compounds. Nicotine, by itself, is considered to be as harmless as caffeine, and also in the best electronic cigarette in UK the nicotine is delivered through vapour. When you purchase an electronic cigarette from B&M, the cartridges come with distinct strengths of nicotine. If you're a heavy smoker, you can begin with a high strength nicotine and decrease the intake slowly. For the tobacco replicates of the B&M e cigar and UK best e cigs variety, the nicotine amounts to 24mg/ml for high strength and 16mg/ml for moderate strength. For the fruity e liquid flavours, high strength is 18mg/ml and low strength is 6mg/ml.

How You Can Purchase The Best Electronic Cigarettes

When you purchase the best e cigarette brand from B&M, read through our in depth guides and have a look at our videos, as we've plenty of stuff to help you in making the correct decision. We help you to begin your electronic cigarette shopping by answering two questions. The first question is if you like to buy the best brand of e cigarette in UK that resemble standard tobacco cigs. In case the answer is 'YES', we suggest you check out our trial offer and get the E Cigarette Starter Kit. The cig in this kit is the same size and feel as a standard tobacco cigarette, but minus the 4,000 cancer-causing compounds. The pack comprises of five flavoured cartridges, two rechargeable batteries along with a portable charging case, together with a detailed instruction, a wall adapter, a USB lead and also a travel box. Each one of the cartridges in the starter pack is equal to twelve cigarettes.

In case the answer is 'NO', and you're not keen to getting a UK e-cigarette that perfectly resembles a tobacco cigar then you can just purchase the Max Vapour cigs. For instance, the Max Vapour SLIM electronic cigarette comes in an elegant, slim and sleek design, available in four colours, black, red, blue and clear. It includes a refillable B&M Clearomiser, USB charger and even a free 10ml E-liquid of your choice. This design is popular with women, as it brings a little style and creativity to the smoking experience. It has a wonderful flavour and tremendous vapour capacity. B&M’s best electronic cigarettes have received excellent reviews from their customers, with special reference going to the flavour and the quality of the merchandise, as well as how much simpler smokers have found it to give up tobacco smoking with the support of an electronic cigarette rather than patches.

The second question that B&M, the top electronic cigarette brand, want you to think about is connected to your smoking habits. This particular question will allow you to choose the proper nicotine intake, whilst still protecting your health from dangerous tobacco substances. Are you smoking over twenty cigarettes daily? If the answer is yes to this question, B&M recommends that you buy the 24mg cartridges or 18mg E-liquids. In case you are smoking less than 20 cigs per day, you can choose the medium strength. If you're just a casual smoker but quite motivated to decrease health risks with all the best cigarette in UK, try the 6mg/ml E liquid. To find additional information regarding the best e cigarette brand or make an order today, you should visit For any questions, just call the team at 0800 023 6224 or email them at You may also contact them via the enquiry form in the site, at