Reviews On E Cigs Shed Light To Their Benefits


Reviews on e cigs attracted people all over the world with the promise of quitting tobacco smoking and having a healthier smoking lifestyle. From avid smokers to celebrities, e-cigarette has been embraced by a great number of people. The sad part is that recently the safety of these futuristic smoking sticks has come under close investigation. Critics constantly raise the question: “Are electronic cigarettes a healthy alternative to tobacco smoking?”

To decide whether e-cigs are healthy, you need to understand their advantages over your ordinary pack of tobacco cigarettes:

  1. Electronic cigarettes do not have the distinct odour of tobacco and will therefor give you pleasure without offending those around you. People often steer away from smokers because of its odour and the scent it leaves on clothes and surroundings. If you used an electronic cigar instead, no need to fear the dangers of second-hand smoking and no bad smell as well.
  2. Cigarettes are very expensive nowadays, but you can save a lot of money when you decide to use an electronic cigarette instead. The costs of acquiring a starter kit may be higher today. But in the long run, they are definitely cheaper compared to the number of cigarette sticks you will buy all in all.
  3. Traditional cigarettes pose so many dangers to people. Starting with the open flames used to light them, it can trigger wild fires especially if you’re outdoors and left your cigarette unattended. It can also affect the health of the people surrounding the smokers. Considering the risks of second-hand smoking people are exposed to, you need to start thinking now about other people’s health.

Those who criticise E-cigs believe that this new way of lighting up may be just as harmful as the old ways. They question the ingredients used by companies selling the best e cigs today.

A recent study done in the University of Athens revealed that vaping causes airway resistance. However, that is just a drop in a big ocean judging by the significant percentage of heavy smokers that vaping has helped quit the “smoke-tour” altogether. If you are new to the world of vaping, reading reviews on e cigs can help you a lot. Don’t miss out on the chance of living a healthier lifestyle today.

Electronic Cigarettes Starter Kits: What’s Included In Your First Purchase?

Electronic Cigarettes Starter KitsThe modern electronic cigarette, also known as e-cigs, was invented by Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik in 2003. But did you know that the earliest e cigarette was patented in 1963 by American Herbert Gilbert? It was never commercialised because it only received little attention from the people back then. But the marketing message is clear. It was aimed at providing a safer smoking solution for tobacco smokers. Beginners usually acquire electronic cigarettes starter kits which contain a number of accessories.

When you start searching online or go to physical stores, you will discover that these starter kits vary depending on the brand and price. The contents of these starter kits may be different from one brand to another, but all the necessary items will be provided.

  1. E-Cig Battery: It powers up the electronic cigarette and without it, this device is essentially useless. A fully charged battery will give you hours of vaping before you need to charge it again. There are various types of batteries including lithium and their performance usually varies between 500 to 13,000 mAh.
  2. The USB Charger – This is the device responsible for charging the e cigar batteries. It can either be plugged into a laptop, PC or any device with a USB port. When charged via a normal socket, you need a wall adapter.
  3. E-Cig Cartridge – This is the device containing the e-liquid. It can come in different flavours depending on what the electronic cigarette company of your choice includes in the starter kit. It is attached to the vaporisation chamber and its tip serves as the mouthpiece for the e-cigarette.
  4. The E-Cig Casing – Although some starter kits do not provide a casing, some of the best e-cigs starter kits come with cases, pouches and lanyards. They are basically for helping you carry the e-cigs around.

As a beginner, you may feel like you just want to go back to smoking tobacco. But try these electronic cigarettes starter kits first and you’ll see the various advantages it can bring to you, your health and the people surrounding you. A starter kit is just the first step to living a healthier lifestyle free from the dangers of tobacco smoking.

How You Can Find The Best Electronic Cigarettes Liquid Online

Electronic Cigarettes Liquid

If you are new to e-cigarettes, finding the right e-liquid might sound like a bit of a hassle, but it’s really not. Although there are hundreds of flavours to choose from, you will be able to find the perfect product for you by following this guide to electronic cigarettes liquid.

Electronic cigarette liquid is available in a wide range of flavours. For those who have smoked conventional cigarette brands in the past, you may want to opt for traditional tobacco or menthol. These have been designed to mimic the taste and flavour of regular cigarettes. E-liquids will need to be replaced once they are finished, but these can be purchased directly from the e-cigarette manufacturer.

There are also a plethora of fruit-based and exotic flavours such as cherry, coffee, chocolate, apple pie, and vanilla. When purchasing a starter kit from an electronic cigarette company, you might receive a free sample bottle of e-liquid. Alternatively, you might want to try several different flavours before deciding on the product that is right for you.

When choosing an e-liquid, you will also need to choose a tobacco strength. Remember – choosing a tobacco strength that is too strong might provide your body with more nicotine than it is used to if you are used to smoking conventional cigarettes. This might result in you not liking the taste of the electronic cigar. Alternatively, if the e-cigarette is too light in nicotine strength, you may end up smoking more to compensate for this. Many e-cigarette manufacturers provide you with nicotine strength guides on their website so you choose the right product.

Electronic cigarettes liquid can range in price, so make sure you shop around for the best deals. You will also need to ensure that the e-liquid you purchase is compatible with your electronic cigarette device, so always check beforehand.

Top 3 Things To Consider When Looking For The Best E Cigarette Brand

best-e-cigarette-brand-image-1If you are making the switch from a traditional cigarette brand over to an electronic-cigarette, there are plenty of factors to consider. With so many e-cigarette companies on the market, you will want to choose a product that offers you the best value-for-money. Here are the qualities to look for when finding the best e cigarette brand.

1. Starter kits: These range in price and features, but could save you a considerable amount of money. A starter kit will provide you with all the items you need to start vaping, such as a charging outlet, manual, battery, and the electronic cigarette. Other starter kits might include accessories, a carrying case, or a free bottle of e-liquid. Purchasing one of these kits can work out cheaper than ordering the same items on an individual basis.

2. Battery: One of the most important components of your e-device is the battery. This powers the e-cig so that it can generate a vapour when you inhale on the device, which releases nico tine in a similar way to conventional cigarettes that you might have had in the past. The battery should be long-lasting and easy to charge. Depending on the electronic cigarette company, you will be able to charge the device via a power outlet, using a USB cable, or even a car charger. USB cables will allow you to charge the cigarette quickly via your laptop or desktop computer

3. Choosing e-liquids: You will want to choose an electronic cigar brand that offers a wide range of different e-liquids that are compatible with your device. These should be available in traditional flavours like tobacco or menthol, as well as less conventional flavours (for example, coffee, chocolate, or vanilla). Also look out for different nicotine strengths when choosing a brand.

Other factors to consider when finding the best e cigarette brand include the customer service provided to you, delivery options, and, of course, the price of the product. Use third-party review websites too when researching different electronic cigarette brands.

Everything You Need To Know About Electronic Cigarettes UK

Electronic cigarettes UK are becoming popular among those who are making the transition from conventional brands to e-cigarettes. These electronic devices emit a vapour when the individual draws on the device in a similar way to regular cigarettes, and are powered by a battery.

For those who have never purchased an electronic cigarette before, a starter kit could save them a considerable amount of money. Although these kits range in price and features, they usually contain a battery, atomiser, charger, manual, and carrying case. A free bottle of e-liquid may also be included with the kit – saving the individual a significant amount of money than if they were to purchase these products individually.

There are a number of e-liquids to choose from to use with an electronic device, including traditional menthol and tobacco flavours which have been designed to replicate the taste of conventional cigarette brands that you might find in the shops. Other flavours include fruit-based and exotic varieties, including apple, banana, coffee, and chocolate. The amount of flavours on offer will depend on the electronic cigarette company.

When choosing an e-liquid flavour, you will also need to choose a strength of nicotine. You will want to choose a strength that is similar to a conventional cigarette brand that you have used in the past. Choosing a strength that is too strong could increase your nicotine tolerance level, and you might end up smoking more than you are used to.

Always do your research when searching for electronic cigarettes UK, as you will want to choose a product that provides you with the best value for money. Use a price comparison website to find the best products online, and always include the price of delivery (especially on heavier items like starter kits) in your budget before you place an order.