E Cigarete

E Cigarete - The Best Way To Really Have A Guilt-Free Smoke

E cigarete kits are your guilt-free alternative to enjoying a good quality cigarette. If you love relaxing while smoking a cigarette but you're worried regarding the carcinogenic substances, or perhaps those around you cringe at the smell, an electronic cigar provides you with the same satisfaction, but guilt-free. B&M sell the best e cigars and electronic cigarette brands. They specialise in superb quality tobacco duplicates. Now it is possible to enjoy smoking an e cigarette without worrying about your health, a terrible odour or passive smoking for all those around you. In addition they provide you with real cigarette and cigar flavours, like the classic Cuban cigar, the Fine Cigar as well as the Gold Cigar. If a top quality cigar is your preferred way of unwinding after a very long day or as a treat to yourself when something goes well, now it is possible to enjoy this without facing the effects from chemical compounds found in standard cigars.

The Best Electronic Cigarette Company

If you want to enjoy an electronic version of your favourite cigarette, and still keep the exact same enjoyable experience as well as top quality flavour, do not go anywhere other than the finest electronic cigarette business in the market. B&M Electronic Cigarettes offer the finest electronic cigarettes and cigars on the market, and their merchandise is carefully made to replicate smoking tobacco. The e cigar kits UK have nicotine, moderated to various levels to suit casual as well as heavy smokers. Their goods are made in a state-of-the-art facility, to a clinical standard. All the e cig kits and e cigars are CE marked and comply with European standards. Even though they are providing superb quality, B&M Electronic Cigarettes offer competitive electronic cigarette prices. If you are a heavy smoker and you switch from tobacco to e-cigarettes, you can save up to £2,000 per year.

To learn more about their products, go to the B&M e cig UK shop at bandmonline.co.uk. They have an extensive variety of e cig and e cigar kits. If you'd like to change from your standard, powerful smelling and cancer-causing cigar to a healthier and more affordable option, try out the e-cigar starter kit from B&M. The kit comes with three flavoured cartridges as well as a rechargeable battery. The complete kit is equivalent to 30 cigars, as each cartridge will last for over 1000 puffs. If you are looking for alternatives to tobacco cigarettes, you can choose between an e cig starter kit, the trial-pack and the MAX vapour variety. All the B&M products come with a one year guarantee for the cables, chargers and PCC's and additionally have a 60 days guarantee for batteries. Once you invest in a kit, all you need to do is purchase a refill for the e cigarete.

Whether you love smoking cigars from time to time, or you're a frequent tobacco smoker, when you change to electronic alternatives you're not only giving yourself the opportunity to enjoy these little pleasures guilt-free, but you are also making an important step forward towards conquering your tobacco dependency. B&M realise that you might not want to give up the day-to-day nicotine from your tobacco or the fulfilment of enjoying a cigar from time to time and that's why they offer you these guilt-free alternatives, carefully designed to offer you a duplicate experience. Research indicates that the e cig is 99% safer than tobacco cigs. When you change to an electronic cigarette from B&M, you still get the nicotine, but without the 4,000 cancer-causing substances. They provide eleven e cig flavours, from conventional electronic cigarette menthol to delicious caramel or blueberry. You can also try their tobacco-like cartridge cigars or the revolutionary MAX vapour cigs.

The vapour found in B&M's products is made of a safe mixture of propylene glycol (PG), purified water, food grade flavourings, nicotine and glycerol. These ingredients, particularly the propylene glycol which is additionally present in asthma inhalers as well as other medications and cosmetics, is identified as a relatively safe drug by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Compared to the 4,000 cancer-causing substances in tobacco, the ingredients found in the vapour of an e cig are up to 99% safer for you, based on scientific results. You can get e cig and e cigars in the B&M e cig UK shop at bandmonline.co.uk. They will to send you the products by next day delivery, if you buy before 1pm, with a full warranty and money-back guarantee. For those who have any questions, you can get in touch with B&M on 0800 023 6224 or at info@bandmonline.co.uk. Buy your guilt-free e cigarete and have it in your hands by tomorrow.