E Cigs Review – Are They The Best Alternative For You?

E Cigs review – You will find this very helpful especially if you want to know everything there is to know about electronic cigarette and if they are the best solution to help you quit smoking tobacco. Whether you are a casual smoker or one that smokes up to 20 cigarettes a day, you are as exposed to the thousands of chemicals that your tobacco cigarette contains. However, quitting smoking is easier said than done, but an electronic cigarette does offer you an easier, and most importantly healthier alternative. Research shows that you have a 65% higher chance of quitting with an electronic cigar or cigarette rather than gums or patches. B&M design the best electronic cigarettes, to offer you a healthier smoking experience, especially if you don’t want to give up nicotine. Their e cigar and e cigarette models resemble a tobacco cig, making it easy for you to stay off regular cigarettes. The following reviews on e cigs will show you why smokers prefer to quit with vapour cigarettes.

Why I Quit With An Electronic Cigarette

B&M Electronic Cigarettes offer the best e cigs on the market. Their designs are so realistic that you feel just as if you were smoking your regular tobacco cig, minus the chemicals. They have carefully replicated the feel, taste and size of the tobacco cigarette, in order to offer you a satisfying but much healthier alternative. The e cigs UK reviews from B&M Electronic Cigarettes customers show why quitting tobacco with electronic cigarettes was the best decision they’ve ever done. Reviews from heavy smokers show how they managed to quit tobacco in less than one month and see great health improvements, such as more energy and better tasting food. Some customer also praise the odourless electronic cigarettes and how much more convenient it is to use e cigs instead of tobacco.

The electronic cigarette is becoming such a popular alternative to quitting smoking that the number of people who used to turn to the NHS to quit has now fallen drastically. It simply offers you an easier alternative to quit smoking gradually, but reduce the massive health hazards from day one. B&M Electronic Cigarettes offer you the best electronic cigarette on the market, as they are dedicated to replicating your smoking experience, so that you will feel as satisfied. One of the UK e cigarette reviews on the website says that B&M e cigs are almost identical to tobacco cigs and they are by far the best brand on the market. Any change is better made gradually than drastically, and B&M Electronic Cigarettes can support you on that progressive journey with suitable products for every stage, whether you want to quit tobacco or simply quit smoking.

B&M Electronic Cigarettes offer you helpful guidelines on the type of electronic cigarette to buy depending on how much nicotine you want to consume per day. If you used to smoke more than 20 cigarettes a day, they recommend a high strength cartridge, or their 18mg E-Liquid. For less than 20 cigarettes a day, or if you are a casual smoker, they advise you on their medium strength options. All the B&M Electronic Cigarettes products have been tested for quality and safety, and approved by numerous independent organisations including RoHS . The purity, safety and quality of the E-Liquid, in their Max Vapour product range, is tested in TUV and SKYTE laboratories. Their electronic cigarettes reviews UK from online customers praise the quality of the products, which B&M Electronic Cigarettes work so hard to maintain. An e cigs review on the website mentions that B&M cigarettes are far better than any other e cigs they’ve tried.

How To Get Your Electronic Cigarette In 1 Day

Aside from offering the best e cigs on the market, B&M are also known for excellent customer service. If you purchase the best electronic cigarette kits from before 1pm, they will send you the order by next day delivery. All their products come with money back guarantee and full warranties. If you have any questions about their products, company or your particular order, you can call them at 0800 023 6224 or send them an email at The team is looking forward to helping you with anything you need. It only takes a few moments to order from their website, and all you need to do is choose your product, add it to the basket and complete the payment online. Their website has plenty of customer reviews on e cigs, and if you want to be one of the satisfied customers that leaves an e cigs review, make your order today.

Extra Information

Why Are Electronic Cigarettes Safer Than Tobacco?

Electronic cigarette kits are 99% safer than tobacco. As stated in an e cigs review, a tobacco cigar or cigarette has more than 4000 cancer-causing chemicals that are also the culprit behind the growth of numerous life-threatening ailments. Besides that, tobacco is inconvenient as it leaves a strong smell, which often disturbs those in your company when smoking, and it also presents the danger of passive smoking. Smoking tobacco inside is illegal in most places around the world, and it is slowly becoming less socially acceptable, notably because of passive smoking concerns. For this reason, e cigar kits and electronic cigarettes are a much safer and better alternative. If you want to still have nicotine but don’t want to deal with the problems tobacco implies, an e cigarette is the most suitable solution. Since electronic cigarettes are vapour based, it doesn’t create smoke and have no odour or danger of passive smoking.

In the absence of arsenic, carbon monoxide and tar, the dangerous substances found in tobacco, electronic cigarettes are identified to be 99% safer. These results are based on an unaffiliated study given by Professor Michael Siegel from Boston University, along with many other studies delivered by supporters of public health. The vapour inside the electronic cigarette feels and tastes like tobacco, but is made of healthier ingredients such as nicotine, purified water, food grade flavourings, propylene glycol (PG), and glycerol. Research has revealed that nicotine alone is as safe as caffeine. The propylene glycol has been proclaimed as generally safe by the US Food and Drug Administration. This chemical is present in many common medical products, including asthma inhalers, and is also found in cosmetics, food additives and the smoke machines used at entertainment places. When you smoke the best e cigarette, you are just inhaling nicotine from the vapour.

Can Smoking E Cigarettes Make You Healthier?

Since electronic cigarettes do not have the dangerous substances found in tobacco, you're likely to begin seeing improvements in your health as soon as you quit tobacco and change to electronic cigarettes instead. In the B&M online store, you'll find multiple cigarette review testimonials revealing how customers saw great results with their health after they stopped smoking tobacco and used electronic cigarettes instead. They mention the numerous advantages of not smoking tobacco, like better health, more attuned taste buds, the decrease in passive smoking risks, reduced costs as well as the lack of smell, and just how much simpler and easier it is to stop with the help of electronic cigarettes. Special mention is also given to the great flavours, excellent quality and very affordable prices. For other e cigs review testimonials, visit

Why Are Electronic Cigarettes Cheaper Than Tobacco?

Changing from tobacco to electronic cigarettes will significantly reduce your smoking costs. Your first investment is to buy electronic cigarette kits, and after that you only pay to replace the cartridges. The best e cigs from B&M will save you up to 70% on the tobacco price. After you have purchased a starter kit, you can get e cig cartridge replacements at only £7.95 for five of them. Since each cartridge is the equivalent to 10-12 tobacco cigarettes, you are getting a deal, as you will only pay £1.59 for 10-12 regular cigs. For a heavy smoker of more than 20 tobacco cigarettes a day, B&M estimates that you will be saving more than £2,000 per year if you change to their best electronic cigarettes. That of course doesn’t take into account the costs you have from purchasing lights, ashtrays, and other costs such as air fresheners or chewing gums.

What Type OF Electronic Cigarettes Should I Purchase?

There are many kinds of electronic cigarettes to choose from. If you are buying from the best e cig company such as B&M, they offer you almost identical electronic versions of your regular tobacco cigarette or cigar. However, before you choose one type of e cigarette, start with goal behind switching to an e cigarette. Are you trying to quit smoking but struggling with patches and gums and missing the feeling of smoking? If that’s true, the cartridge kind of electronic cigarettes resemble the tobacco variety, and would be best suited for you. You’ll get a very similar sensation to smoking tobacco, since the electronic cigarette feels and tastes the same. This means you’re taking the initial step in freeing yourself from tobacco chemicals. You can then regulate your tobacco intake through the cartridges. If you’re a heavy smoker, start at 25mg/ml of nicotine and reduce it slowly to 16mg/ml.

Are you trying to get rid of all the awful flavour of smoking as well as the odour and maybe experiment with a few new flavours? Then you should try the e-liquid cigs, just like the MAX vapour range from B&M. The electronic cigar or cigarette will never leave you with the terrible smell or taste that a tobacco does, but you can take it one step further and enjoy caramel and blueberry e-cigarettes. These cigarettes come with rechargeable batteries, and you could always buy e-liquid to refill when you run out. B&M have a great range of nicotine amounts, and in case you need to limit your nicotine consumption as much as possible, you can go as low as 6mg/ml. Imagine loving a menthol, caramel or strawberry cig without worrying about the tobacco substances or high nicotine intake. Based on an e cigs review, electronic cigarette gives you a healthier and better option to tobacco, and even makes smoking tasty and fun.

How Good Are E Cigars?

If you enjoy a Cuban cigar, you have an electronic and tobacco free alternative. E cigars are definitely a much better choice compared to the standard ones, because you will not have to deal with all the side effects of smoking a good old cigar. To start with, cigars have an extremely strong odour, which often remains on your clothes and body for some time. When you smoke cigars around other people, the risk of passive smoking is extremely high and non-smokers hate the strong odour of cigars. Moreover, you're exposing yourself to harmful substances and high chances of mouth cancer. The better and safer option is an electronic cigar. You can purchase one with an authentic Cuban flavour, but never worry about smell, health problems or passive smoking. The good part is that you may enjoy an e cigar wherever you are, whether it is at dinner or possibly in the office.

Electronic cigars and cigarettes are the very best alternative to tobacco smoking. Today, we're aware of the great dangers that smoking involves, from multiple cancers to other life threatening ailments. What the majority of people don't understand is that nicotine is pretty safe, on the same level as caffeine, but tobacco is extremely dangerous. Each time you smoke tobacco, you expose yourself to more than 4,000 chemicals including arsenic, tar and carbon monoxide. When you smoke, your teeth go yellow, your energy levels are down and you always smell like cigarettes. Based on an e cigs review, the best electronic cigarettes offer you this convenient, safe and tasty alternative, where you never worry about tobacco compounds and you also won't even smell like you smoked. Whether you want to enjoy fruit flavoured e cigarettes, smoke safely inside with your family without worrying about passive smoking, or if you'd like to save around £2,000 per year, e cigs are the solution. Find the variety of e cigarette kit which you like the most, invest once in the whole package and after that only purchase the refill. Smoking will become more convenient and fun, and if you're intending to discontinue one day, it will be easier.