E-Cigar Starter Kit


Each Electronic Cigar starter kit contains 1 rechargeable battery and a selection of 3 flavoured cartridges. Our E-Cigar starter kits are available in either medium or high nicotine strength to suit different preferences.

  • Fully rechargeable via USB
  • Each cartridge equivalent to around 10 regular cigars
  • Enjoy a selection of three great flavours
  • No second hand smoke or unpleasant odour
  • 'Corona' Size L: 150mm W: 20mm
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Superior Design

Designed to be as realistic as possible whilst also simple to use.

The amount of vapour produced and the sensation and flavour when using our E-Cigar is practically identical to the real thing.

The size of our E-Cigar is the same as a ‘Corona’ cigar and the wrapped leaf effect and the glowing LED make it very realistic

Three Great Flavours

Enjoy the different tastes of Cuban Cigar, Fine Cigar and Golden Cigar flavoured cartridges, all included in our E-Cigar Starter Kit.

Choose from either Medium (16mg/ml) or High (24mg/ml) nicotine strength and order refill packs of your favourites in the future

High strength cartridges have a strong throat hit and satisfy cravings faster for heavier smokershttp://www.bandmonline.co.uk/shop/e-cigar-kits/e-cigar-starter-kit/

Easy To Charge

Our E-Cigar batteries have built in USB connectivity which makes charging extremely easy. Simply plug the battery into a USB port in order to charge. When charging, the orange LED at the end of the battery will glow until it is fully charged, turning off when charging is complete.

Our car adapters and wall adapters allow customers an alternative to charging their E-Cigar battery through a computer. Take a look at our accessories page for more on these adapters.

Batteries are guaranteed for 60 days but tend to last for 3-6 months, or longer if used less frequently. When the battery eventually wears down it will need to be replaced. Replacements are available at £13.95.

Ultimate Connectivity

Changing cartridges is quick and easy thanks to the USB connectivity of our E-Cigar. The battery plugs directly into the cartridges, eliminating the need for screw-in charging.

  • Huge amounts of vapour
  • Full bodied and realistic flavours
  • Each cartridge equivalent to around 10 regular cigars (1000 puffs)
  • Refill cartridges available in packs of two for just £10.95