E-Cigarette Starter Kit


If you would like to keep the look and feel of a tobacco cigarette then this is the perfect kit for you.

  • Same size and feel as a regular cigarette
  • Fantastic flavour, taste and great vapour
  • The Portable Charging Case holds equivalent of 60 cigarettes and is the same size as a regular 20 pack
  • Cartridges last for 10-12 regular cigarettes
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Our Portable Charging Case

Absolute genius.The PCC keeps all your kit together, charges a spare battery on the go and is the same size as a regular 20 pack.

  • Holds your current e-cig
  • Stores 5 spare cartridges = 60 cigarettes
  • Charges a spare battery on the go and can charge a battery 6-8 times before the PCC needs charging
  • LCD Charging Status Indicator shows charge of spare battery and charge left in the PCC

LED Torch

Nothing to do with smoking but surprisingly useful!

Handy for dark winter walks, or for helping you find the keyhole to your door when you have had one too many at the pub

Simply press the torch button below the LCD screen to turn it on and release to turn it off. If you want it on permanently simply hold the torch button for 3 seconds

Starter Kit Accessories

As well as the PCC, gift box and two rechargeable batteries, each starter kit also includes:

  • 5 medium or high strength flavoured cartridges (Menthol, Strawberry, Dark Tobacco, Golden Tobacco and Luxury Tobacco)
  • 1 USB charging lead and mains adapter to charge the PCC
  • 1 full set of instructions

Enjoy Anywhere

Whether in the car, at the pub, at a restaurant or in a nightclub; B&M E-Cigarettes are great to use everywhere and are not governed by anti-smoking laws.

There is no second hand smoke, no tar, no ash and no flame. Most importantly, there are no carcinogenic chemicals like in regular cigarettes.

6 Great Flavours

Our cartridges are available in 6 flavours with a selection of our 5 favourites included in each starter kit, in medium or high strength nicotine. These include Dark Tobacco, Golden Tobacco, Luxury Tobacco, Strawberry and Menthol.

The coloured band around each cartridge indicates the flavour.

At only £7.95 for a 5 pack which equals 60+ tobacco cigarettes you’ll save money too – in fact, our e-cigarettes are 70% cheaper than tobacco cigarettes.