The Electronic Cigarette Store

The Electronic Cigarette Store – Much Better For Your Health And Your Wallet

The electronic cigarette store is where you can buy the best alternative to regular tobacco cigarettes, better for your health and much more economical. Even if you only enjoy a cigar or a cigarette from time to time, the electronic type is proven to be 99% safer than tobacco. A standard tobacco cigarette has over 4,000 chemicals including arsenic, tar and carbon monoxide. This is accountable for many deadly illnesses, one of which is cancer. If you want to still enjoy the taste of top quality cigarettes but protect your health and also save some money, the electronic cigarettes and cigars from B&M Electronic Cigarette are the best choice. With an e cigarette you are getting the exact same satisfaction as you would from smoking a standard cigarette, only without the 4,000 cancer-causing chemicals, the awful odour and the high cost. B&M Electronic Cigarettes offer you a broad variety of electronic cigarette kits and e cigar, and you can pick your flavours from Dark Tobacco to Golden Tobacco.

B&M Electronic Cigarettes offer the finest electronic cigarettes and cigars on the market, with their electronic cigar kits carefully made to reproduce a standard tobacco cigarette. The e cigarette is much more economical, as each refill cartridge will last for over 1000 puffs, or 10 cigarettes, but at just a portion of the cost. Customer reviews demonstrate the excellent quality of the e cigarette, and a number of the testimonials say they found it to be the better habit when compared to tobacco smoking. Some other clients say the electronic cigarette is their relaxing therapy session, at a fraction of the price. The electronic cigarettes from B&M offer more than a healthier and more economical experience; they're 100% guilt free. If you've always enjoyed cigarettes but disliked the awful smell, how no one could stand nearby when and after you smoke and the yellow marks on your teeth, an e cigarette is the top alternative.

The Electronic Cigarette - Same Sensation, Better Results

The E Cigarette Starter Kit from B&M comes with a rechargeable battery and five flavours. Since each one of the cartridges is the equivalent to ten cigarettes, you will be getting a total of 60 cigarettes in five flavours. The benefits of using an e cigarette in comparison with a standard one are unlimited. To start with, there aren't any cancer-causing substances, as stated before. Yet, additionally there are many benefits you encounter from the minute you use your first electronic cigarette. There is no smoke and those around you will no longer complain about the smell or dangers of passive smoking. The e cigarette is legal, as it does not create any smoke, so you can enjoy it in a cafeteria or after dinner at a restaurant. B&M take great pride in creating their electronic smoking products as a replicate of the standard tobacco variants, to give you an authentic smoking experience.

The e cigar and electronic cigarette kits are available with various levels of nicotine, to suit your lifestyle. On the B&M site, at, you will find guidelines and instruction videos on how to use the e cigarettes and cigars. For cigars they offer the e cigar starter kit with three flavours, and many e cigar accessories including large capacity batteries, wall chargers as well as car chargers. For e cigarettes, they offer a starter kit, a trial pack and the MAX vapour variety in standard or slim style. They will have more than eleven flavours of electronic cigarettes and lots of accessories including spare LED batteries, PCC USB cables, car chargers or replacement MAX vapour slim Clearomisers. When it is a Cuban cigar or a blueberry cig that you fancy, they have a solution for all of your needs. Just browse through the electronic cigarette store and choose your favourite merchandise.

Whether you want to smoke top quality e cigarettes or even quit smoking tobacco cigarettes, the B&M electronic cigarette shop at offers you better quality choices. They have menthol electronic cigarettes, tobacco duplicates and slim designs, Cuban cigars and accessories. They run standard electronic cigarette offers on their site and social networking websites. To learn more about B&M Electronic Cigarettes Limited, visit their website at When you make an order online with B&M before 1pm, they’ll send you the products using a speedy next day delivery service. They also have a full warranty and money-back guarantee on all their merchandise. If you wish to talk to a person on the team call them at 0800 023 6224 or send them an email them at You can even send them an enquiry form at If you are looking for an e cigarette which is better for your health and your pocket, place your order now at the electronic cigarette store online.