Why B&M Can Help You Quit Tobacco?

Looking to stop smoking and change your life forever? That is exactly what we are here for – to help people like you kick your tobacco habit and get on the road to a smoke free life.

A recent study by the University College of London’s Public Health Department has found that smokers looking to quit have a 60% better chance of succeeding by switching to E-cigs or Vapes than ANY other method, including patches, gum etc.

WHY? B&M Electronic Cigarettes contain the same level of nicotine (which has been shown to be as harmless as caffeine) as do tobacco cigarettes but have none of the cancer causing chemicals, tar, carbon monoxide or 4000+ other poisons found in tobacco smoke.

HOW? Our ingenious E-Cigs replicate the smoking experience, but the nicotine and flavour is delivered through a water based vapour so no actual smoke is inhaled.

Our company was set up to help people like you who love smoking and simply cannot or do not want to quit nicotine. We provide a healthier, better and more satisfying alternative to cigarettes and cigars.